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London !













London was never a dream destination for me, I’m probably too young to be nostalgic or romantic about this city’s cultural explosions ! Nevertheless, going there just for a few days, mostly to get records and see friends was a real treat. Already had a good feeling a couple of months ago when we stopped there for 24hours on a trip to Iceland, now the good feeling was really there, the image I had of a speedy “no one gives a shit about how you walk or look” city was nicely confirmed and it can be quite relaxing, no one stares at you because you wear a pink tennis short or a 10 years old dirty skate cap. I know it’s common talk but it makes a difference.
So, just a couple of recommendations for those visiting, check out the Music and Video Exchange at 38 Notting Hill Gate, quite cool records, tons of them and it’s almost cheapish! Reggae and related fans should try Nudge Records, quite a place, needs 3 hours to sort out !… at 20 Hanbury Street, next to Brick lane….and if you get hungry after that, try the Bagel Bake, open 24/24 ! Cheap, roots and totally decent … 159 Brick Lane.   More about food? Good/decent noodle plates and soups is served by a rather unfriendly staff in a strange big room just next to Elephant & Castle underground station, you just can’t miss it and it’s worth it ! !
Was nice to see nice people in the flesh ! Hi to Allon, Jacques, Han and z’ev ! !