Sonia Eloise Pottinger

Eric Monty Morris: Put On Your Best Dress
The Melodians: Swing and Dine
The Gaylads: Its Hard To Confess
The Melodians: A Little Nut Tree
Bojangles: Natty Dub In A Dreamland
Alton Ellis: Ain’t That Loving You
Jackie Edwards: Get Up
Earth & Stone: No Time To Lose
The Hippy Boys: Nurse J’kel

A Hot Discovery!

A couple of days ago, while looking for lp’s in a second hand record store in Berlin, i found this…. A selection of Sonia Pottinger’s early productions, I did not know her (hum hum) and am quite amazed by this compilation, needless to say that I’m looking for more music from that period…..seems like you can download it here!


This is not a bad scan or a shitty image, her face is like that on the lp cover too….