Review ‘Om Cold Blood’

Byron Coley reviews Bitsy Knox & Roger 3000 ‘Om Cold Blood’ in the latest issue of The Wire Magazine



Back in November 2018 Tanuki Records released a new cassette by Bitsy Knox & Roger 3000 “Om Cold Blood”.

OM COLD BLOOD imagines a watery world, ruled by digestion. The body is leaky, evolved from water, standing on earth, destined for the dirt. The earth is porous, plastic its awful lubricant. The ocean is a lachrymal vase. The garden is erotic, cheap therapy for human hands and errant arms.

As a bonus to the cassette, we’ve printed a limited amount of t-shirts, available here.

This is what it sounds like



Coda Generates Radio Show

“we drink water”

New episode of Coda Generates radio show on The Word Radio

With special guest Sublyme Diagonal
featuring among others Heiner Goebbels, Suzuki Junzo/スズキジュンゾ, Ryan Martin & Joachim Nordwall, Bruce Haack, Sherwood & Pinch, Makoto Kawabata, John Duncan

Coda Generates radio show episode 4

Here’s the final radio show of 2017!

Featuring tracks by Antwon, RZA, Russell Haswell, Sensational & Kouhei Matsunaga, Mr MFN Exquire, Pro Celebrity Golf and Jay Glaze, Rammellzee & K-Rob, Ekkerard Ehlers, Gas, Dead Girl’s Party.

Coda Generates radio show episode 3

Here’s the third episode of our weekly radio show at The Word Radio

Features Yann Leguay, Jurg Frey, Anders Dahl, Asa-Chang & Junray, Christopher McFall, Church Universal And Triumphant, Inc. Featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Ka Baird, Joachim Nordwall


Coda Generates radio show!


We’ve been asked to be part of a new online radio created by The Word Magazine. We now host a weekly radio show! More infos here

Here’s episode one featuring Jackie Lynn, Adam forkner, David Grubbs, Bob Ostertag & Kronos Quartet, NYZ, David Maranha, DJ Screw, Adam Asnan, Dapnhe Oram, Mirror.

Lex Boogie From The Bronx & Senz Beats Present: A TALE OF 2 PLANETS

Brand new tape on Tanuki Records

A Tale of 2 Planets by Lex Boogie From the Bronx & Senz Beats

Tanuki Records #26
Edition of 100 copies
C62 cassette / digital
Cover art by Roger 3000
Shirts printed by +nurse+