Back in November 2018 Tanuki Records released a new cassette by Bitsy Knox & Roger 3000 “Om Cold Blood”.

OM COLD BLOOD imagines a watery world, ruled by digestion. The body is leaky, evolved from water, standing on earth, destined for the dirt. The earth is porous, plastic its awful lubricant. The ocean is a lachrymal vase. The garden is erotic, cheap therapy for human hands and errant arms.

As a bonus to the cassette, we’ve printed a limited amount of t-shirts, available here.

This is what it sounds like



La playlist du jour

Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels

Roc Marciano & Gangrene – Greneberg

Little Wings – Magic Wand

Ilyas Ahmed – With Endless Fire

Raymond Scott – Soothing Sounds for Baby Vol. 1

Smog – Red Apple Falls

Richard Youngs – Sapphie

Shelby Bryant’s Wurstmuzik is out now!

Shelby Bryant the pop wizard is back with 15 new or reworked tracks of delicious and exotic party music!
Shelby Bryant’s Wurstmuzik
Chrome C25 cassette
Tanuki Records #9
70 copies
Visual by Marjo Tou & Shelby Bryant
Thanks to Marjo Tou & Manu Brocoli