the day it happened

I remember the night I discovered ‘Music Is Rotted One Note’,
it was the same night I discovered Squarepusher for that matter.
Somewhere in 2000.
First floor in a house on Chaussée de Waterloo.
Late night.
Not totally grasping the essence of it all but definitely knowing it was something that would stick with me.
And it did, and it does.
Now I’m supposed to write about this album for my day job and it’s very hard, it’s become such an important part of why I listen to this or that music that most facts about it are not one bit relevant.
It’s too intimate, and too obvious at the same time.
It’s earthly and far away, it’s technical yet hypersensitive.
It can open so many possibilities, one being linking a drum n’ bass beat to an electroacoustic composition or even better, and in my case, a Morton Feldman 8 hours composition.