Two new cassettes out now on Tanuki Records


We’re very happy to announce the release of two brand new cassettes!

First is “Sofa So Good” by turntable wizard Martin Tétreault!! It’s available as a one sided 33min cassette and as download! Side B is empty, it’s all yours to remix the original piece! Enjoy!

Then there’s A Hidden Life and other works by Simon Wickham-Smith. It’s available as a 90min cassette and as download! Check it out!

Tanuki Update !

Two new releases and more on Tanuki Records

Hello there!

We have one new release, a pre-order and a heavy recommendation for you !

Pre-order is:
Martin Tétreault – Sofa so Good (out march 5th)

One sided C65 Cassette
side A 33:33 original side B ……… rework, remix, create your own version and let us know what you came up with!
50 copies

New release is:
Patrick Thinsy – Coda Generates – The Pale Ones (book)

A selection of photos published on Patrick Thinsys’ blog between january 2014 and january 2015
Risoprinted by Jan Matthé at RisikoPress
30 copiesP1120528 P1120526 P1120527

And our heavy recommendation:
The mighty Sublyme Diagonal just released “Deviator” on his Bandcamp page.
“Connecting the dots, Sublyme Diagonal scientifically draws links between vintage german dub techno and the most experimental side of today’s bass music. From the first he borrows echo-drenched elastic spaces that he fills with the latter’s tribal urban rhythms. Resolutely forward looking and yet intimately tied to mid-1990’s Basic Channel or Mille Plateaux esthetics, Deviator is a departing junction, a new tangential point for a more adventurous breed of techno”


Three new reviews !

a few words for once, a little bit more than a month ago, Tanuki Records released a solo tape by me called ‘Disappearances’ and it’s now been reviewed by a few online magazines! Very happy these people enjoy the kind of music I do and send out there….
You can listen, download and buy the tape over at the Bandcamp page!
Here goes:
By Pierre Cécile at Le son du grisli
Voilà une cassette qui ne me fait pas regretter d’avoir rebranché ma vieille platine (Sony, désolé). Non pas parce qu’elle est dorée, ni parce qu’elle se glisse dans un étui carton (lui-même protégé par une gaine noire) avec du papier d’Arménie tamponné « For Nina », mais parce qu’elle m’informe de l’existence de Patrick Thinsy. En fouillant bien, je suis tombé ici, où j’ai appris que Thinsy a déjà collaboré avec Ignaz Schick, z’ev ou Martin Tétreault, et qu’il semble vénérer Phill Niblock. Bonnes références, donc, qui n’étonneront pas les chanceux qui pourront mettre la main sur l’un des cinquante exemplaires de sa cassette. Car la première face accouche d’un drone fragile mais qui ne s’oublie pas comme ça. Comme un brin de chromosome, il fait des tours et des détours au milieu d’autres sons, aussi fragiles et subtiles que lui. La face B se contente d’un buzz, de coups de burin et de clics : est-elle moins originale pour autant ? Eh bien non, car une voix de femme fait son entrée. Son enregistrement est découpé et ajoute à la bizarrerie de son message en français et de sa diction. C’est donc une tout autre atmosphère… et une tout autre réussite. Patrick Thinsy, enchanté !
By Brian Olewnick at Just Outside
Two fine electronic tracks form Thinsy, a new name to me. The first shimmers vaguely into existence, the merest wave, gradually developing a slow pulse. A higher pitch is added, almost in sync with the previous pulse but just enough off to provide a delicious quaver. A harsher layer is applied, that pulsation becoming deeper on the one and, generating quasi-beeps on the other. A concise piece that does what it needs to do in 12 minutes and then retires; excellent. The second begins with a lower, deeper thrum, again undergoing a slight additive process. But about four minutes in, a rhythmic tapping emerges, a spare but complex dance between semi-metallic strikes and paired pneumatic sighs. Very effective, very eerie. More so when a calmly speaking female voice enters (in French), eventually, slightly, splitting, becoming the sole element as the piece ends. An impressive, unusual release–try it!
By Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly
The first tape is by Thinsy himself, and it’s quite short, twenty minutes perhaps in total. Of course I’m guessing here, but for all I know, this seem to be two pieces recorded with tone generators right inside a space – the living room maybe of Thinsy himself – with on the second side also some odd bang – heating system? – and a voice? These pieces have certainly a nasty frequency about them but it sounds, despite perhaps its obscurity, quite interesting. Working extensively on the eardrums. Nice.

densités 2010

And yes, Densités 2010 went fairly well, which is an understatement, it was a very good edition, on a musical and on a human level. Highlights of this edition were: The opening concert by string trio Strike, the very subtle and precise sound diffusion from Lionel Marchetti late on that same night. On Saturday we had the pleasure to hear the ‘Trilogie de la Mort’ by Eliane Radigue mixed live by Lionel Marchetti! The Germ Studies duo was breathtaking to say the least, Jean-François Laportes’ piece ‘Mantra’ was a real treat to the ears and bones. Martin Tétreault and Nancy Tobin played an incredible set, behind a very childish project lied a thousand openings, they used most of them! The next day Kevin Drumm saved our lives! Julyen Hamilton was shining, performing in his own words and moves, and then Xavier Charles, Axel Doerner and John Butcher played us some very clear, well balances and impressive improvisations! And of course, the festival ended with the Bal musette-électro-disco-rock-punk played by the highly caffeinated ‘Omelettes Densin’Project’. So jaa, then again, one word: respect! And also, shout outs to the Densités crew and, even if I’m repeating myself year after year, Miss Pellegrini ! Irie !