Water in The Living Room

Tonight, while preparing sounds for martiensgohome weekly radio show I heard a strange watery sound that I did not remember having recorded any time recently.
So, as it was pouring rain outside and I knew humans were working on the roof, I started to worry a bit.
It sounded like a small river in the open country, (heaven for some) . . .
I located the source of the sound, and as I’d never heard any water go through that wall in the two years I’ve lived here I started to seriously worry, by the time I found the number of the guy who took care of the works on the roof, there was water falling from the ceiling, literally raining in the living room ! WTFFFFFFF !!! So, I took whatever I could to try and contain the water coming down, the pictures and the sound below will tell more than I ever could, this was ridicurous ! (reference needed? see here)
My neighbour called the fireguys who were really sorry not to be able to do anything, the rain had almost stopped, all there was left to do was to wait until the hole in the roof was empty…then an hour later the police came (?) and took time to ask a man for his papers just in front of my house, and then came up saying someone called them, not me I said  . . . .
So, everyone is now gone, I missed the radio show, it’s slowly drying, I’m using my neighbours’ electricity to write this and listen to John Faheys’ Christmas album (rather soothing actually) !


This is kind of what it sounded like, bad quality indeed but I had other things to do than to start messing around with my recorder…