New cassette out now on tanuki records

Tanuki Records is very proud of releasing a cassette by belgian musician Sublyme Diagonal!!
Brussels-based Sublyme Diagonal has developed his personal take on techno and electronics as an unlikely equilibrium point between of his other careers respectively in mutant hiphop on one hand and untamed musique concrete on the other one. Obviously defending a perilous exercice in harmony of the opposite, he quietly professes his tightrope walking endeavours by advocating his complete rights to unpredictability. Although his stage name already functions as a broad mandate for obliqueness, Sublyme Diagonal here further expands the enveloppe of his particular brand of electronica by altogether dispensing of rhythm or nearly eschewing repetition in favour of layers of drones and shards of tones. At times eerie or on the contrary massively mechanical, the two sides of this new cassette glide and drift in abstract bliss. The title Geoid itself stands for equilibrium and friction between gravity and density in our ellipsoid biotop. Translated musically it means that the apparent stasis of the pieces is crisscrossed by contradictory forces that stabilise them into a conflicting dynamic balance. True to the medium championed by Tanuki records, Sublyme Diagonal has crafted his tunes on an analog multitrack, taking advantage of typical tape hiss and hum, and positioning his sounds so that each side secretely mirrors the other one. For the listeners who love the more tilded sides of Jeff Mills or Dopplereffekt, a new excursion on the unexpected fringes of techno music. b200

Two new cassettes out now on Tanuki Records


We’re very happy to announce the release of two brand new cassettes!

First is “Sofa So Good” by turntable wizard Martin Tétreault!! It’s available as a one sided 33min cassette and as download! Side B is empty, it’s all yours to remix the original piece! Enjoy!

Then there’s A Hidden Life and other works by Simon Wickham-Smith. It’s available as a 90min cassette and as download! Check it out!

Tanuki Records Update !

So, Tanuki Records have two brand new releases! Two tapes, one by french sound artist Aymeric de Tapol and the second by belgian laptop madman Plochingen. Both tapes are limited to 40 copies, here’s some extracts, visit the tanuki webpage to order your copy or the Bandcamp to buy the high quality downloads! 

plochingen – 266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques -Tanuki Records #7

Aymeric de Tapol – Méridiens – Tanuki Records #8

New Review of Woodger Speece / Thierry Burnhout split tape

Here’s what Pierre Cécile has to say (in French…) about Tanuki Records #3:
“Enfourner une cassette dans le vieux lecteur quand on ne connaît aucun des intervenants de ladite cassette n’est pas chose aisée. Mais cela peut réserver des surprises.Face A Woodger Speece, Face B Thierry Burnhout. L’un et l’autre s’en donnent à cœur joie pour vous changer les habitudes expérimentales. D’abord dans une noise à crachements et larsens des moins originales, certes. Mais ensuite dans une cadence qui s’installe, broyant toutes les régularités : ça crache encore, ça vous fait sursauter, mais aussi fredonner sur bandes, ou siffler sur des cracks à la Richard Chartier revenu d’Amityville. Bref, Woodger Speece quelques fois et Burnhout surtout ont de quoi remuer de fond en comble toutes les idées que vous vous faisiez de la noise, et toutes celles que vous vous faisiez de l’ambient. Pas mal, pour des inconnus.”
Pierre Cécile © Le son du grisli
You can still download and buy the tape here