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Lex Boogie From The Bronx & Senz Beats Present: A TALE OF 2 PLANETS

Brand new tape on Tanuki Records

A Tale of 2 Planets by Lex Boogie From the Bronx & Senz Beats

Tanuki Records #26
Edition of 100 copies
C62 cassette / digital
Cover art by Roger 3000
Shirts printed by +nurse+


Out Today on Tanuki Records


We’re delighted to announce the release of Tanuki Records #21!

Ode to the Ghosted by Senz Beats

Available as a c65 cassette (+download code) // 50 copies

Liner Notes: It’s called Ode to the Ghosted and was originally a tape I made for a girl I dated for a very short period, but it evolved into something else. I gave it to her with a walkman and never heard from her again.

Selected and edited by Senz in Montreal, 2016
Mastered by Dom Girard
Cover art by Conrad Steen www.conradsteenillustrator.com
Thanks to Thierry & Marjo Burnhout, Chip Lyas, and the After Hours mixtape series

Grab it on our bandcamp or get in touch if you want to buy it from us directly in Brussels

2 new releases on Tanuki Records!

Hello there!
We’re very happy to announce our first releases of 2016!

Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille –
“Strong & Foolish Heart / Blue Ghost Blues”

Recorded live at the Counterflows Festival, Glasgow, 2013
Mastered by Taylor Deupree
7inch vinyl / digital
Visual by Loren Connors
3 different covers
Numbered 250 copies

Synth Pit – Astoria
Written by Grant Warner and Dimitri Kapetas
Mastering by Taylor Deupree
Cassette / digital
70 copies

Free Downloads on the entire Tanuki Records catalog !!

Click the image to access our Bandcamp page… Enjoy!

free download

Cassette review: Shelby Bryant’s Wurstmuzik! (french version)

New review of our recent release Shelby Bryant’s Wurstmuzik! It’s still available as a cassette and as a pay what you want download, more infos here!
review shelby rifraf

Cassette Review: Plochingen / 266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques

Raised by Gypsies reviews 266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques by Plochingen / You can still grab some copies here
plochingen tapeAt one point I had thought about writing this review as 266 different talking points about this cassette, but once I realized just what that would mean as 266 is a large number I decided against it and chose to just tell you about the music in here instead. This cassette begins with sort of bass synth beeps and it can be heard as an 8bit video game on some level.    Megatron spoken words take us into that “Jaws” theme and then an eventual spaceship fight whoosh pattern.   It’s a cash register without the dings, then a screeching guitar sound and dialtone.    Before you know it there is distinctive sound of buzzing surrounding R2D2. On Side B there is some more R2D2 sounds as well as space synth and lightsaber synth, which just leads me to believe that this whole cassette is set in space.    It’s hum buzz drone and then it becomes sort of distorted before echoing.   The sounds carry into something like an electric razor and screeching tires somehow too.   I can also hear some pretty decent Wall-E loops and I’m digging that. In many ways I just like to think of this as a meeting between R2D2 and Wall-E, both of whom are under the Disney banner so it could happen, and what it might sound like for them to communicate with each other but also just the adventures they would go on with other characters in their respective worlds.   This is a crossover that should not be missed.

Cassette Review: Argil & Loïc Joseph / Parallax Tapeloop

Le Son du Grisli & Raised by Gypsies reviews our recent release “Parallax Tapeloop” / You can still grab some copies here
P1110756C’est en préparation d’une exposition qu’ArGil et Loïc Joseph ont manipulé des field recordings qui font la part belle au langage humain. Bouclées sans vergogne, les discussions sont insaisissables, que peuvent accompagner une basse ou (semble-t-il) un peu de synthétiseur. Rappelant quelques travaux Sonic Arts Network ou les témoignages ayant inspiré Olivier Cadiot et Rodolphe Burger, ces Trois balades pourraient constituer la bande-son du beau livre de photographies de Patrick Thinsy, Codegenerates. (gb)

What you can expect to hear on “Parallax Tapeloop” are two different levels of music that are sometimes stand alone but often times intersect each other.    It’s that mix of sounds from an experimental/noise genre mixed with audio sampling that- at least to me- seems to be candid. Whether it sounds like a dinner party or crowded restaurant the audio clips on here are of spoken words and generally by more than one person at a time.   As much as I’d like to believe it was all done with permission I like to think even more that it was done with a sort of hidden recording device though the person recording it would have been in the room. Sometimes there are beats and drop tones and sometimes this is just rather soft sounding.   Church bells seem to repeat at one point which makes me question if any of the spoken audio was sampled from a church either before or after the service.    Little dings come out during what I translate to be the party guest scene and that fits together all too well. The only thing I really can’t make all that much sense of is the ever present sound of horses galloping.    Were the audio clips perhaps designed for a farm or stable?   As far as I can tell no, but perhaps my thinking on this one is going in the wrong direction.    Or perhaps they are just there to throw me off.   Either way, let this one paint a picture for you. ()