Two new releases and more on Tanuki Records

Hello there!

We have one new release, a pre-order and a heavy recommendation for you !

Pre-order is:
Martin Tétreault – Sofa so Good (out march 5th)

One sided C65 Cassette
side A 33:33 original side B ……… rework, remix, create your own version and let us know what you came up with!
50 copies

New release is:
Patrick Thinsy – Coda Generates – The Pale Ones (book)

A selection of photos published on Patrick Thinsys’ blog between january 2014 and january 2015
Risoprinted by Jan Matthé at RisikoPress
30 copiesP1120528 P1120526 P1120527

And our heavy recommendation:
The mighty Sublyme Diagonal just released “Deviator” on his Bandcamp page.
“Connecting the dots, Sublyme Diagonal scientifically draws links between vintage german dub techno and the most experimental side of today’s bass music. From the first he borrows echo-drenched elastic spaces that he fills with the latter’s tribal urban rhythms. Resolutely forward looking and yet intimately tied to mid-1990’s Basic Channel or Mille Plateaux esthetics, Deviator is a departing junction, a new tangential point for a more adventurous breed of techno”



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