Cassette Review: Plochingen / 266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques

Raised by Gypsies reviews 266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques by Plochingen / You can still grab some copies here
plochingen tapeAt one point I had thought about writing this review as 266 different talking points about this cassette, but once I realized just what that would mean as 266 is a large number I decided against it and chose to just tell you about the music in here instead. This cassette begins with sort of bass synth beeps and it can be heard as an 8bit video game on some level.    Megatron spoken words take us into that “Jaws” theme and then an eventual spaceship fight whoosh pattern.   It’s a cash register without the dings, then a screeching guitar sound and dialtone.    Before you know it there is distinctive sound of buzzing surrounding R2D2. On Side B there is some more R2D2 sounds as well as space synth and lightsaber synth, which just leads me to believe that this whole cassette is set in space.    It’s hum buzz drone and then it becomes sort of distorted before echoing.   The sounds carry into something like an electric razor and screeching tires somehow too.   I can also hear some pretty decent Wall-E loops and I’m digging that. In many ways I just like to think of this as a meeting between R2D2 and Wall-E, both of whom are under the Disney banner so it could happen, and what it might sound like for them to communicate with each other but also just the adventures they would go on with other characters in their respective worlds.   This is a crossover that should not be missed.

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