2hours of music!

“””mix”” with a couple of fuckups, recorded ar the release party for Beyt al tapes cassette on Meat Based Leftovers…
Slightly edited to erase drunky mistakes//
dj ordeal – Thug Entrancer – Bach – Stuart Dempster – Antwon – dj ordeal (again) – Elgaland Vargaland – Mark Fell – Diamond Black Hearted Boy – Rammellzee – Dead Girls Party – Bruce Russell – Gary Wilson – Joachim Nordwall – Ellen Fullman & Konrad Sprenger – dj ordeal (again) – Strategy – Lil’ Ugly Mane – Sensationnal – Lil’ Ugly Mane (again) – unknown – Gonzo – Jeremiah Jae – Rammellzee (again) – Jacques Beloeil – Mathilde Santing – Morbid Organ Mutilation – Pierre Elitair – Sublyme Diagonal

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