Plochingen’s new tape gets reviewed

A very nice review already for Tanuki Records’ new tape: Plochingen’s “266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques”.
Frans de Waard at Vital Weekly
From Brussels hails one Plochingen, who just released an odd tape. There is not much further information available, and also judging from the music itself, it’s not easy to determine what we hear. According to the info sent by the label it’s truncated field recordings and primitive electronics’ – the latter is something I can hear but the field recordings are not always easy to spot around here. in ‘Baal 1’ we hear some, but most of the times it’s these somewhat crude electronics. Crude but it’s not really the kind of noise you would think it would be. I thought it was actually quite refined in all its crudeness and unrefinedness. There was something quite captivating in these four pieces, which made me listen and listen. Maybe because this was on repeat for a while today, me doing other business for a while, and in the background these pleasant gritty tones. Maybe disturbing, as the label suggests, but I didn’t think this to be very disturbing at all. That, however, doesn’t qualify this as ambient per se, but these minimal, sustaining tones, these glissandi from cheap synthesizers and buzzy electronics did work pretty well. With or without field recordings I guess. Quite a fine release. (FdW)

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