Out Now! New tape! Aymeric de Tapol – Méridiens – Tanuki Records #8

Hey there!
Tanuki Records is very happy to announce the release of Aymeric de Tapol’s new release, it’s a tape titled ‘Méridiens’!!
MERIDIEN A – Trafique Afrique
Street musiciens, Rituals and Field recording of Senegal and Mali
Recorded on dictaphone during a road trip with Ludovic Grandseigne in 1999
Road: Marseille, Dakar, Zighinchor, Bignona, Sedhiou, Marsassoum, Kolda, Velingara, Tambacounda, Kidira, Kayes, Kita, Bamako, Segou, Djénne, Mopti, Sévare, Kani Kombole, Teli, Djiguibombo, fleuve Niger, Bamako, Dakar, Marseille.
(Paix dans le pays, paix dans le monde)
Street musicians, Gypsies wedding and Adhan over Istanbul
Recorded in Istanbul in 2012, Turquey
Aymeric de Tapol
Chrome C60 cassette
Tanuki Records #8
Mastered by Frédéric Alstadt / Angström Mastering
Visual by Aymeric de Tapol & Marjo Tou

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