about sounds

here are  a few good newses about sounds, objects and postglory…. Let’s start with the homies, the L.E.G. boys have a new 6 track 12inch out on Angstrom Records, it’s called 637 and you can grab it in every good record shop in Brussels and via the label’s email adress….Listen and understand
Our main man Aymeric de Tapol also has a new record out on the same label, Talking with a dinosaur is him editing some recordings of himself playing with the famous Coupigny synth…Needless to say these two releases are avesome! Audio coming soon…..here are the test pressings…
Also, Mr. Kaye from the Entr’acte label asked me for a mix a few weeks back, it’s now uploaded on his website, check it our along other cool mixes here.
(playlist: Gary Wilson; Le Marchand Du Soleil; Stargate; DJ Sprinkles; The Olivia Tremor Control; Jean Sébastien Bach/Glenn Gould; Astor; Cheikh Imam/Ahmed Fouad Negm/ Mohamed Ali; DJ Ordeal)
And buy things from this label, highly worthy pieces of music…..
And last but not least: Soonish, martiensgohome & Pauwel de Buck have a collaborative Cdr coming out on Mnoad.It’ll be titled Brick Not Hit Back, the cover is by our very own Sublyme Diagonal while the mastering was made by the coolest cat Jacques Beloeil who really augmented the capacities of our recording with Pauwel…. Here’s the visual………

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