New Music(s)

Hey there,
here’s a selection of some recently added titles to the coda generates collection/
Strategy  ‘Boxy Music’ -100% Silk
King Geedorah ‘Take me to your Leader’ -Big Dada
Allon Kaye ‘Tiny Fascinator’ -Senufo Edition
After Hours ‘Launch Detected’-After Hours
Death Grips ‘Exmilitary’ -Third Worlds
Madlib & Freddie Gibbs ‘Thuggin’ -Madlib Invazion
Greg Malcolm ‘Swimming in it’ -Kraak
Jacques Beloeil ‘Bidules 1-9’ -Entr’acte
Joe Henry ‘Reverie’ -Anti-
Nicholas Szczepanik ‘We make life sad’ -Weme Records
These releases are all available on vinyl, cd or on tape, you thus have the opportunity to get them as roomates and have them flying around your living room…/


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