martiensgohome on Le Tétraèdre !

So, nice!
We’ve been invited by our friends Le tétraèdre (Radio Panik) to create an hour long radio show for their nice weekly serie.
As some of you may know, we do this every week on Radio Campus Brussels, so we thought it’d be interesting and maybe fun to change the rules a bit.
So this is what we did:  Each of us prepared 10 minutes of sounds, no rules, any sounds, anything, it only had to last 10 minutes…..,then passed these 10 minutes to another martiens who made 15 minutes of sounds with it, the only rule was not to add too many ‘personnal’ sounds to the original ones…
and here’s the result, we’re pretty happy with it, sounds like some pure malted martiensgohome with a nice and very inspiring little twist…
and check their other productions here !
Coda G

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